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Courting Nations

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This is one debut nobody could have ever predicted, for it is a case of a formerly labeled “maut ka saudagar” (merchant of death), an internationally declared outcast who is now being feted by the biggest and powerful nations that want to forget and move on from their past allegations of his actions and inactions in the 2002 Godhra riots and reverse their diplomatic boycott of him.

It is all too evident that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has occupied global center stage as he continues to exalt India’s power-profile among the big and emerging economies. Should this remain the trend for some more years, it would not be wrong to forecast that India would hold sway from the highest echelons of international domains of direction and action, writes Priyanka Bhardwaj.

As President Barack Obama announced that he would take executive action to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation, New America Media hosted a national telephonic press briefing for ethnic media reporters. Elena Shore presents a brief of the most frequently asked questions.

Over the recent past I have been following the Kiss of Love protests that have spread from Kochi to Kolkata, Delhi and recently to Bangalore and everywhere else on social media. There are different stages of a human being’s life. For those like me, hitting middle-age, intimacy with the wife or girlfriend in public areas undisturbed by cops or right and left wing elements is either not priority or not possible, writes Siddharth Srivastava.

Santa Clara is one of seven targeted counties in California that will host the program, which combines the benefits of Medi-Cal, California’s health plan for low-income residents, and Medicare – the national health plan for seniors and those with disabilities – into one coordinated health plan. Dual eligible beneficiaries receive coordinated medical, behavioral health, long-term institutional and home and community-based services as well as assistance in 12 languages through a single organized delivery system, reports Aruna Lee of New America Media.

San Francisco is considered the most visited city in the United States and known the world over. Stroll through Chinatown, climb to Coit Tower for a 360 degree vista and the newly restored murals and, speaking of murals, the greatest collection of murals are just a few minutes away in the celebrated Mission District, writes our travel editor Al Auger.

This year, the focus was on alternative fuel technology. With a large offering of vehicles, some electric, some exotic, and even a peek at the futuristic hydrogen fuel cell powered Mirai, the SF Auto Show was an event for auto enthusiasts of all ages. Vansh and Janam Gupta share their experience.

Siliconeer would like to thank all readers, supporters and friends as it completes yet another year in publication. We wish all a very happy and safe holidays!


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Courting Nations:
Redrawing the Strategic Calculus

PM Modi has occupied global center stage as he continues to exalt India’s power-profile among the big economies, writes Priyanka Bhardwaj.

Obama’s Plan for Reform:
What You Need to Know

President Obama announced his intent to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. Elena Shore presents some questions raised by the ethnic media.

The Kiss of Love Protests:
Indian Youth Kiss for Freedom

For those hitting middle-age, intimacy in public areas is either not priority or not possible, writes Siddharth Srivastava.

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YOUTH: Washington Leadership Program
AUTO REVIEW: 2015 VW Passat SE
TRAVEL: Mission District Murals of San Francisco
RECIPE: Kashmiri Dum Aloo
EXPO: San Francisco Auto Show

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