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EDITORIAL: The Origins of Yoga

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Yoga is regarded around the world as a path to health and spiritual insight. Many people are aware of its origins in India. But the motivations that compelled countless individuals to pursue yogic paths over the past 2,500 years are less well known.

Borrowed from 25 museums and private collections in Europe, the U.S. and India, the artworks featured in the exhibition date from the 2nd to the 20th centuries. Yoga: The Art of Transformation goes beyond postures and delves into how yoga has evolved into a global phenomenon through an exploration of its visual history. The Asian Art Museum is the only U.S. West Coast venue for this exhibition, writes Dr. Qamar Adamjee.

The Sacramento Business Review annual event held at the California State University Sacramento campus Student Union, Jan. 21, turned out to be a lot more than just business as usual. Neel Kashkari, an Indian American, took the opportunity during his keynote speech here to announce his candidacy for California Governor. At this point it is not known whether incumbent Governor Jerry Brown (a Democrat) is going to be running again, but this announcement by Neel who is often described as a “moderate Republican” has added a new level of excitement into the coming race, writes Ras H. Siddiqui.

In a rather unconventional style, the less-than-a-month-old Aam Admi Party-led Delhi Government comprising of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, and his six Cabinet colleagues, supported by more than a thousand common citizens staged a protest (dharna) outside the Rail Bhavan, situated in a high security area next to the venue of Republic Day preparations, writes Priyanka Bhardwaj.

Despite the Nirbhaya agitation to strengthen rape laws, the rape crisis is back again. Was strengthening the rape laws the real solution to the rape problem or will AAP’s street protest and vigilantism make the city safer, debates Ash Moorthy.

As Indian Americans, we need to realize that we are too small of a community to keep making even smaller. The Indain Ostrich thrives on cultural insecurity,  comments Lalit Kundani.

Avila spoke recently in San Jose, Calif., to more than 20 media representatives at the first ethnic media roundtable of the New Americans Campaign, a national initiative to encourage eligible legal Permanent Residents to apply for citizenship. The meeting, organized by New America Media, brought together leaders of Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Korean, Latino, Vietnamese and other local media outlets to discuss how they could address the barriers that keep many eligible immigrants from applying for U.S. citizenship, writes Elena Shore.

This year is special to us as it marks the 15th year our existence. Thank You!


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Yoga – The Art of Transformation:
Asian Art Museum Exhibit

The exhbition delves into how yoga has evolved into a global phenomenon through an exploration of its visual history, writes Dr. Qamar Adamjee.

Jobs and Education:
Indian American Bids for Governor

Neel Kashkari recently announced his candidacy for California Governor, writes Ras H. Siddiqui.

Quirky Politics or Vigilantism:
Delhi Gov’t Holds Protest

The Delhi government and citizens staged a protest in Delhi, writes Priyanka Bhardwaj. Will AAP’s street protest and vigilantism make the city a safer place for women, debates Ash Moorthy.

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