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2008 Yearly Forecast - By Pandit Parashar

ARIES (March 21 to April 20): Jupiter will transit house of luck and Saturn will transit fifth house. Rahu will remain in house of gains till May fifth before moving into house of career. Jupiter’s aspect on Saturn will be very helpful and lucky. Luck will stay on your side for most of 2008. Blessings and guidance from an elderly person will steer you in the right direction and you will achieve most of your goals. You will have absolutely no difficulty in finding a better paying job and people in business will do better this year. You will become more confident and popular in social circle. Large gains from distant places and overseas projects are guaranteed by Jupiter as it owns the twelfth house which denotes foreign lands. You may make more than one trip overseas for some auspicious reasons. Boss will be on your side always and help you move to a different level before leaving the organization. Since Saturn will stay in fifth, all you have to do is watch out for stomach related problems which can be minimized by proper and regular diet. Since Saturn is a separating planet, it may make a child move far away from family for valid reasons. You will also receive some money through settlement in a legal matter. Rahu’s transit into tenth after May fifth will make you very ambitious and that is when major and positive changes will occur in career. You will overcome all obstacles and by all means it will be a very fortunate year.

TAURUS (April 21 to May 20): Raja yoga karka planet Saturn will stay strong in fourth and Jupiter will transit eighth house in 2008. Rahu will transit tenth house till May fifth and move into house of luck thereafter. Saturn will bring positive changes and stability in career. Though things will come with slight delay but will be better than missed opportunity. Moving to direction West will be lucky and buying a house facing south will suit you. Prefer not be buy old property that require fixing. You will receive big help from in laws side, moral as well a financial. Jupiter in eighth will help recover old dues and chances are you will receive big payment from an Insurance company this year. Bachelors will find a suitable match and of course spouse will come from a wealthy family. You will have many opportunities to make money quickly. Gambling and speculation will be profitable. It will be a better year for brokers by all means. Mars transit in house of finances till April 29th will keep you under lots of pressure and debts. Financial freedom is assured thereafter. Property you buy this year will be lucky for you and will appreciate considerably in time to come. You will have some visitors from overseas this summer. If had any desire to start your own business in the past, your dream will become reality in 2008. You will start the year in red but will have a lot of money by the end.

GEMINI (May 21 to June 20): Saturn will transit third house and Jupiter will transit seventh. Rahu will stay in house of luck till May fifth and will stay in eighth thereafter. Jupiter will bring stability in career and can help you start a business in partnership with old acquaintances. Marriage or business, you will enter a beautiful partnership in 2008. You will make big contacts and will get help from people in power. You may be involved in a tricky law suit and Saturn’s transit in third will help you win this battle and prove your point. It will be a great year for people connected with communication and networking industry. You will be traveling to distant places. You may even purchase a bigger house. Working conditions will improve a lot in 2008. Presence of Mars in your sign should not be ignored and you will have to stay calm and deal with opponents and health issues carefully. Rushing into conclusions will hurt you badly, so take it easy and start drinking more water and go for walk. There will be financial growth after April 29th in a big way. Position of Jupiter and Saturn will recreate your interest in higher philosophy and religion. Presence of Ketu in second after May fifth will bring in sudden wealth one time before the year end. You will always talk logic and make many new friends this year. Your talents will be recognized and appreciated by society and authority.

CANCER (June 21 to July 22): Saturn will continue to transit house of family and finances and Jupiter will stay in sixth house. Ketu will be in second till May fifth and move into your sign thereafter. You must realize that you are still going through Saturn cycle for another few years. With Mars weak in the twelfth till April 29th and Jupiter weak in sixth, things will be little rough and tough for first few months of 2008. Money will be in mind all the times. Not only the expenses will be too much but there will be uncertainty about future also in your mind. You will not get the right help or advice. As Mars moves into your sign around April 29, you will do better in career. You may also get an excellent opportunity. You will make slight less than what you really deserve in 2008. Again do not fall for too good to be true schemes as Saturn in second can put a big dent in your finances through cheats and wrong company. People prone to litigations will be wasting money on and through litigations. It will be better to take advice from people close and continue and be ready for hard work only. You will again have big relief in life when Jupiter moves into seventh towards the end of 2008 and neutralize most effects of Saturn. Stay away from partnerships and investing in property specially any old one. Your hard work will not go waste in 2008.

LEO (July 23 to August 22): Saturn will stay in your sign and Jupiter will stay in fifth house. Ketu will occupy first house with Saturn till May 5th and move to twelfth thereafter. Jupiter from fifth will keep the trouble maker Saturn under control and as a result all difficulties will ultimately get resolved with the help of a mature person and with hard work and patience you will make it a better year. There will be some changes in career after April 29th and some of you may take a risk and start a new venture. There is a strong chance that a member may be added to the family. The marriage of a child will be fixed. You will get the chance to lean new tricks and methods which will come handy at a later stage. You will be successful in recovering some old debts if any and will receive big payment from an Insurance company also in 2008. Saturn in first may cause slight depression because of some kind of separation from a near and dear one. Once Ketu moves into twelfth you will become very religious, learn to have patience and do lots of charity work. People in business will have to work extra hard and oversee the whole operation themselves after getting rid of people they trusted in past. Bachelors may have slight frustration in the area of ongoing relationship issue that may end into going own way in the beginning of 2008. Stress will be directly related to errors and wrong decisions taken in the past years.

VIRGO (August 23 to September 22): Saturn will transit twelfth house and Jupiter will be strong in angle this year. Ketu will be in twelfth along with Saturn till May 5th before moving into eleventh house. Since Mars will stay in house of career till April 29th, there will be tension in career. You will be tempted to take rash and impulsive decisions about job or business. Stick to your plans as things will get resolved slowly. Since Saturn which denotes legal aspects in life will be in house of loss, people prone to litigations should be careful or will end up paying attorney astronomical fees and still have adverse outcome. Jupiter in angle will give several chances to settle and you should not miss such opportunities. Strong Jupiter will also help people looking for an ideal soul mate. Hunt will be over and the relationship will turn into the final commitment quickly. You will finally make up your mind and purchase a nice property also. Money wise do will do very well after May fifth, business will grow at fast pace and you may be offered a partnership in recently started venture. Enemies of your enemy will become your friend and give you useful leads. Though religious activities will reduce but you will continue to make contributions to charity. You will be buying another vehicle and may invest money in stocks also for long term. You may spend more time away from home for business purpose during 2008.

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22): Saturn the Raja Yoga Karka planet will transit eleventh or the house of gains. Jupiter will transit its own or the third house. Rahu will be in fifth till May fifth before moving into fourth house. There will be tremendous growth on financial side. Expenses will stay under check and revenue will improve. Business will keep growing from first day and continue so for rest of the 2008. Saturn in eleventh brings gains from sale/purchase of land or properties. You will finally dispose off a property, save on taxes and pocket large profit. You will also add more cars to your fleet. It will be more profitable year for people in oil, metals and hardware industry. Presence of Rahu in fifth will cause delay and some frustration in conceiving, but after May fifth you will be blessed. You will move into a new property this summer. Jupiter in third will provide you with better communications skills and as a result, your sales will multiply. Some of you may also put your thoughts in black and white and get your work published. You will overcome all obstacles and opponents very easily and without any fight. You will come across few big opportunities and deals in May and June which will be the turning point in career. Planets in eleventh will help you gain some extra ordinary professional skills and start a big venture on your own. You will be rolling in money by the end of 2008.

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 22): Jupiter will be in transit at the house of finances and Saturn will stay in tenth. Rahu will be in fourth till May fifth and move to third thereafter. Jupiter the factor for wealth will open new doors to make money. Education and training received in previous years will come handy now. It will especially benefit people connected with banking or finance industry. All issues pending with the government will get resolved to your satisfaction in 2008. There will be some changes in personality too and you will become more truthful and slightly less materialistic. Sacrifices made in previous years will pay off now and since Saturn is in tenth, you will get justice in ongoing litigation. Rewards could be astronomical. You will also commit yourself to a charity organization. Once Rahu moves into third from May fifth you will take extra ordinary steps and accept a challenging assignment or start a very huge venture. You will be able to help numerous needy people with your expertise in 2008. You will be spending lots of money on children’s education who will move to prestigious college. Presence of Jupiter in second assures more than enough when ever needed. You may also put your money in properties. Stocks purchased previously will appreciate and you will cash out in 2008. You will take overseas trips this year for some noble reasons. Financially it will be a rewarding year.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 to December 22): Jupiter will transit your sign and Saturn will stay in house of luck. Rahu will transit third up to May fifth before moving into house of finances. Strong Jupiter will help you regain your confidence and you will start to take the right decisions and look for long term gains rather than the short term. There will be more stability in life and running around may come to an end. With the lord of your sign and fourth Jupiter strong you will be always close to home and will also purchase and move into a nice property. You will gain friendship of nice friends and some very influential people and receive blessings from a very holy man. Lord of third Saturn in house of luck will help you win all litigations and all travels will be instant success. You will take an important overseas trip in 2008. Slow moving planet Saturn’s transit into house of luck will help you accumulate wealth slowly. Now once Rahu moves into second on may fifth, you will become very ambitious and take few risks to improve revenue. Money will be on mind most of the time. Gambling or speculation will be very profitable and you may twist facts to get the major deal go through. Your financial liabilities and commitments are going to increase a lot so play safe. It will be a promising year for bachelors and people looking to get out of job to start their own business. Interest in religion will grow.

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19): Saturn will transit eighth house and Jupiter will be in twelfth. Rahu will transit second house till May fifth before moving on to your sign. It is not a favorable placement for the planet that owns first house and the second which is house of finances. You will have to be very careful in all money matters. Avoid taking any risks financially or physically. Rahu moving to your sign around May 5th will bring some financial relief but still you will need to work extra hard to generate money. You will be able to realize some payments stuck over a year in 2008. You will be doing all work and someone else may take the credit. It will be better to maintain a low profile and not trust anyone this year. You may have to go through some emotional disturbance also for a short period in 2008. Such Saturn is helpful to people involved in research and development work and those working in hospitals. You will benefit from travels and working with people overseas. There will be a good opportunity in career in August or September. You may not have to work hard for some easy money coming your way in June or July. Chances of moving to own house are very strong around August, but try to stay away from old property and purchasing old cars this year. Wearing a Blue Sapphire and worshipping Lord Shiva and donating black color items will minimize the negative influence of Saturn in eighth.

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18): Rahu will continue to stay on your sign till May fifth and move into twelfth thereafter. Saturn will transit seventh house for whole 2008 and Jupiter will stay in eleventh or the house of gains in 2008. Rahu will continue to create obstacles and make you go on a roller coaster ride as far as emotional front is concerned. Saturn’s presence in seventh will bring confidence back and it will give you the confidence and patience to deal with obstacles and opponents. Professionally you will continue to grow and will keep coming across new opportunities one after another from the beginning of 2008. Major changes in career will take place in May and June when your dreams will come true. Money wise you will do alright and will always have only little more than your requirements. Once Rahu moves into twelfth suddenly you will become very ambitious to make money as well as enjoy life more. Of course you will be successful in your attempts and enjoy company of an interesting personality and may make money through speculation. Any new job you start this year will be more relaxing than the ones in previous several years. Jupiter in eleventh will keep money pouring in. You will receive complete support from siblings and parents as and when needed. Engineers and those working in financial institutions will benefit more from these transits. You will also relocate in 2008.

PISCES (February 19 to March 20): Saturn will transit sixth house, the house of enemies and diseases. Jupiter will stay in tenth house, the house of career and government. Rahu will stay in twelfth till May fifth and will move into eleventh, house of gains thereafter. It is going to be an interesting year for career. Saturn in the sixth will give strong enemies and make you work in a highly competitive field. End result, you will crush your opponents and beat the competition without difficulty. You may also qualify an important exam with flying colors. You will quickly recover from any illness or medical conditions in 2008. Jupiter in tenth will bring confidence back and you will become famous and liked by everyone in professional circle. You will make friends in political arena and benefit from their friendship. Any issues with the government will get resolved to your satisfaction in 2008. Money wise you will do better than before and have several chances to make huge money as Mars will continue to stay strong this year. Once Ketu moves into fifth, it will give continues concerns about a child and the issues may take forever to get resolved. People from different culture and nationality will be more helpful in your cause and you may benefit from far off places. If you are not hesitant to relocate, you will have more than one huge and lucrative offer in 2008. You will achieve your professional goals this year.

Bay Area-based astrologer Pandit Parashar can be reached at: pandit.parashar@gmail.com.


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