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Be Counted!
2010 U.S. Census

Everyone living in the United States — including citizens, noncitizens and all immigrants, regardless of legal status — are required to participate in the upcoming 2010 census. A Siliconeer report.

(Above): A Kondh tribal is joined by campaigners from Survival International in a demonstration against the British company Vedanta’s plan to mine bauxite in Orissa’s Niyamgiri hills.

Preparations for the 2010 Census are now underway. The U.S. Census Bureau is actively working to inform the public and communities across the country about the purpose of the census and the importance of everyone’s participation. The census, which is mandated by the Constitution, has been taken every 10 years since 1790 and is designed to obtain a count of the population in the United States.

Everyone living in the United States — including citizens, noncitizens and all immigrants, regardless of legal status — are required to participate in the census. 2010 Census forms will be sent out to homes by mail beginning in March 2010. The information provided will ensure that their communities receive a fair share of political representation, as well as determine how much federal funding is allocated each year.

“The Census Bureau is ready to conduct the 2010 Census and we have been preparing for many years to undertake the largest domestic operation by the U.S. government,” said U.S. Census Bureau director Robert Groves. “Census data will determine the apportionment of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives among the states and guide decisions on the distribution of more than $435 billion in federal dollars for roads, hospitals and other community services.”

To make it simple for people to participate, the 2010 Census will feature one of the shortest census forms in history, with 10 questions that take about 10 minutes to answer. The form will ask for information such as name, relationship to head of household, gender, age, date of birth, race, and whether respondents own or rent their home.

The Census Bureau has strict confidentiality provisions that protect the responses of those who participate. By law, Census Bureau employees cannot share answers that respondents provide with any person or government agency. In addition, every employee has taken a lifetime oath to protect the information and is subject to extreme fines or jail time if any information is disclosed.

“The 2010 Census is important, easy and safe,” Groves said. “The Census Bureau looks forward to working with the Asian-American community and indeed every community across the country, to make the upcoming national count a success.”

Census operations are already underway, and earlier this year, more than 140,000 census workers updated and verified addresses across the country. This was a critical first step to ensure that more than 120 million forms being mailed out next year arrive at the proper locations. Forms will begin to arrive in March 2010.

For more information about the 2010 Census, readers can visit: www.2010.census.gov


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