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Intel Unveils First Made-in-India Chip | SATYAM: Clinical Applicatons | No Recession Effect | IBM: Cloud Computing | BPOs Vulnerable

Intel Unveils First Made-in-India Chip

The world’s largest chipmaker, Intel, Sept. 16 unveiled its latest microprocessor for servers, designed entirely by its Bangalore team and developed in a record two years. The Intel R&D centre in Bangalore designed the Xeon 7400 series processor and it marked the first time that work on the 45 nanometer technology was taken up by the company outside its U.S. home base. The six-core microprocessor is based on Intel’s x86 architecture.

A 300-member team from Bangalore undertook the work with support from units in theU.S. and Costa Rica, Intel India president Praveen Vishakantaiah said.

Intel’s Bangalore R&D operations, which started a decade ago, have grown to become one of its largest centers outside the U.S. Besides the six-core microprocessor, the India R&D team has made important contributions to the teraflop and quad-core Xeon processor.

Vishakantaiah described it as a validation of the Bangalore operations and termed the country as a strategic destination as Intel India continues its focus on high-end technology development. The company said that upgradation costs in moving to the new server chips would be limited as the existing technology platform would support its new microprocessor. R. Ravichandran, Intel South Asia sales director, said the new processor would allow a10-fold reduction in power consumption while substantially increasing performance.


SATYAM: Clinical Applicatons

IT giant Satyam Computer Services Sept. 24 said that it was working with Oracle’s new Health Sciences Global Business Unit to provide leading clinical development applications.

The solution, which Satyam is offering under the umbrella of “Clinical xPress,” will help pharmaceutical, biotech and contract research organizations more effectively address their most pressing business challenges, such as cost containment, safety management and accelerated time to market, a Satyam release said.

The company would be among the first to offer Oracle’s suit of clinical development and safety applications, including Oracle Remote Data Capture, Oracle Clinical, Oracle Adverse Event Reporting System, Oracle Thesaurus Management System and Oracle Life Sciences Data Hub.

Clinical Press will be offered to clients on a subscription-based pricing model, enabling Satyam to provide its customers with end-to-end solutions for clinical development in ways that are affordable and flexible and which are tailored to each client’s needs.


No Recession Effect

The international economic slowdown would not affect Indian software giants as the domestic market is growing at a good pace and the country has been recognized by multinational companies as one having global delivery capability, a top official of Birlasoft said.

Venkatesan Seshadri, vice president of the company, told reporters here that Indian companies now doing consultancy would be among the top 20 global companies in 15 years. The challenges facing organizations was the economic impact, GDP, competitiveness, availability of quality infrastructure and the need to have global competitive skills, he said.

Stating that it was incorrect to say that the IT industry had slowed down or reached saturation point, he said there was uncertainty in the market. “We are waiting and watching. India’s share in the software market is meager and hence there is scope for more and more development,” he said.

He pointed out that the success of software business in India was not by chance or luck, but due to the fact that the education system was quite strong and could understand the nuances of the industry. “We could implement the processes much faster than any other country,” he said.

Seshadri, a CII steering committee member, said CII would soon organize iTalent 2008, an initiative to identify young IT talent among students of regional and suburban colleges.


IBM: Cloud Computing

Global IT giant IBM Sept. 24 unveiled its cloud computing centre in India’s IT hub in Bangalore to host computing activities for enterprises, provide access to expertise and infrastructures for clients to design and deploy applications.

Cloud computing is tapping into a vast network of computers that can be accessed from afar by a cell phone, laptop or mobile device for information or data.

The cloud is a metaphor for the Internet. It is a style of computing where IT-related capabilities are provided as a service, allowing users to access technology-enabled services from the Internet.

“When the network is tapped, the power of thousands of computers can come together to access information or data in seconds. Our cloud computing is based on open standards and open source software which is a family of ready-to-use platform with systems technology and services,” IBM India software lab vice-president Ponani Gopalakrishnan told reporters in Bangalore at a preview of the innovative product.

As one of its kind in India and of IBM’s 13 such facilities worldwide, the center will give enterprise clients, including mid-market, universities and government organizations access to resources they need to pilot cloud infrastructure and applications to deliver innovative services to their customers.


BPOs Vulnerable

The catastrophic events overtaking global financial majors will dent the revenues of Indian outsourcing majors, both in terms of the expected business and contracts they have already undertaken.

Number one software services vendor, Tata Consultancy Services, is likely to be worse off than its peers because of its significant exposure to Merrill Lynch which, analysts said, ranks among its top five financial services clients.

Merrill is also a significant client for Satyam Computer Services. Analysts estimate nearly 2,500 employees at TCS and Satyam work for Merrill.

The bankrupt Lehman Brothers has relationships with a number of top vendors, but is not a major outsourcing company compared to some of its peers. “Lehman has been the worst outsourcing company among the investment banks. Compared to it, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley have been outsourcing a lot more aggressively.

In 2003, its total outsourcing to vendors in India was only around $100 million,” said an analyst, adding that Wipro and TCS were among its vendors here.

Wipro has around 400 employees working on software services and infrastructure management projects for Lehman. HCL Technologies is also a vendor to Lehman but Premkumar S., who heads HCL financial services business, said its exposure was minimal in percentage terms.



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