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2010 Yearly Forecast - By Pandit Parashar

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ARIES (March 21 to April 20): Jupiter will transit house of gains till May 3rd before moving into 12th. Saturn on the other hand will continue to occupy sixth throughout 2010. Mars lord of first will occupy fourth and stay weak till May 26th before gathering strength. It is going to be a better year as far as the career is concerned. Jupiter’s aspect on fifth and seventh will be beneficial. Pending issues related to a child will finally get settled before May 3rd. There will be an increase in the size of family. Marriage in case of bachelors and an addition in case of married is strong possibility. You will gain friendship of successful and matured people and receive blessings of a holy man. Saturn in the sixth will help you overcome many obstacles of the past. You will win any ongoing legal battle. Number of enemies and competition will grow but will not harm you rather you will gain from healthy competition. Those appearing in any highly competitive exam, success in first shot are assured. Saturn will also help you overcome all previous health issues with permanent cures. There will be a multi fold increase in income and moving into another house with lots of greenery around becomes possible with the help of Saturn in sixth. As long as Mars is weak, people with weak immune system or back problems should be extra careful. It will be a promising year for students, those looking to start a family. And of course you will make it a better year with hard work as usual.

TAURUS (April 21 to May 20): Saturn the Raja Yoga Karka planet will continue to occupy fifth house the friendly sign Virgo throughout the year. Jupiter will occupy tenth house till May 3rd before moving into eleventh. Rahu will occupy eighth house for the whole time. Jupiter will create disturbance in career and you may not approve the way boss will add pressure and workload on you. As they say necessity is the mother of inventions, such unsatisfactory working conditions will make you look around and Saturn will help you locate a better job. Just remember what ever happen in career this year will prove to a blessing in disguise in time to come. There will be a change in partners for people working in partnership ventures. Since it’s the Saturn causing all changes in career, things will materialize towards the end only but right before you are ready to give up hopes. Things will be profitable and stable in career after May 3rd. You will have many chances of making huge money in short time. It will be a better year for people working as brokers in any field. You need to communicate well and in simple language and avert an outsider create temporary friction in between you and spouse. There is a strong chance that one of your children may move far away for educational purpose in 2010. This is the right year to launch your projects on hold, should prove to be a lucky year and turning point in career. Twice you will travel long distance for important business and both trips will be fruitful.

GEMINI (May 21 to June 20): Ketu will transit over your sign and Saturn will stay in fourth throughout 2010. Jupiter will stay in ninth till May 3rd before moving into tenth. Mars the Red color planet will stay in house of family and finances till May 26th. You will be working extra hard and most of you will travel away from home in connection with work or business. Pay attention to what spouse says and do not be afraid to admit your mistakes other wise family life can get disturbed. If you get a chance to move towards direction west, grab it, will prove lucky for you. Bachelors may get involved with people from a different culture and if not careful will get hurt emotionally in the process. Saturn in fourth will help you acquire a big property at a reasonable price and you will replace or buy another luxury car. People against you in the past will start respecting you. Just do not buy any barren land. You will make big investments in 2010 and may start a new venture to supplement income. Once Mars moves out on May 26th, you will be rolling into money as earlier investments will start bringing in huge returns. Jupiter’s transit in tenth from May 3rd will take you to new heights in career. People in jobs will be elevated to new and responsible posts with large financial gains. You will start dealing with people in high level and connections. There will be pace and harmony with partners and new associations will help you in your crusade. Ignore useless issues and just focus on real things to make it a great year in life.

CANCER (June 21 to July 22): Mars the Raja yoga karaka planet will stay weak till May 26th. Jupiter will transit eighth house till May 3rd before moving into house of luck for rest of 2010. Saturn will stay in third house. You will be working extra hard for first five months to meet and fulfill your commitments on time. Projects at this point will not give desired returns as estimated earlier but only after June, 2010. Do not feel frustrated and have confidence in your self. You just lack the golden touch. Once Jupiter moves into house of luck on May 3rd, suddenly the whole scenario will change to your advantage. Things will start happening in first shot and on time. Legal matters pending and chewing your finances will end with a clear victory and large financial gains. There is lots of money coming through property thereafter. Jupiter’s transit in ninth will make you far sighted and bless you with wisdom that hard work and patience always pays off in the end. You may find a very suitable match for marriageable child. Complete happiness is assured from children this year. You will join a religious group or start following a religious person during Jupiter’s transit in ninth. There are strong chances of locating a better paying job in a nice setup and of course it will be accompanied by move to another state. You will get quick victory in any legal battle you initiate this year. Expenses will stay under controls and you will distant yourself from some ungrateful people. You will be buying more properties in second half and rolling in big money.

LEO (July 23 to August 22): Saturn will stay in second house and continue its last leg of sadhe sati (seven and a half years). Jupiter will stay in seventh till May 3rd before moving into eighth. Mars the Raja yoga karaka planet stays weak in 12th before finally gaining strength on May 26th. You will have no choice but to keep pouring in money into your projects or business hoping things to turn around any day. People prone to litigations should not let their guards down even for a minute as Saturn’s transit in house of finances can drain you out through legal procedures. Jupiter’s transit in seventh will be a blessing in this tricky time. You will receive valuable advice and tips from a matured and learned person and escape making wrong choices. Once Mars moves into first on May 26th, you will be full of energy. Luck with be on your side for rest of the 2010. Business will pick up suddenly and a long overdue promotion for people in job is indicated. There is a strong chance of an addition in the family in second half. Tables can turn in your favor in ongoing legal matters once Mars conjuncts with Saturn in second after July 20th. There is a strong chance that you may get out of a partnership and go on your own in business. Do not take anybody’s words for granted, have everything in writing. Once Jupiter moves into eighth on May 3rd, it will get you lots of money through insurance or litigation. Money stuck can also be recovered at this time. Expect lots of help from in laws this year. Mutual aspect between Mars and Jupiter will help you hit some kind of financial jackpot.

VIRGO (August 23 to September 22): Saturn will occupy first house and Jupiter will occupy sixth till May 3rd. Rahu will occupy fourth. Of course there is no escape from hard work for you this year. It will be a roller coaster ride. You will be working in a challenging environment. Initially competition will be too much but with hard work and patience you will make it in second half of 2010. You will be on your feet most of the time and some of you may have to stay and work away from family this year. Saturn will make you go through lots of heat in order to purify you and make better person. Rewards will come later on in life. As far as the finances are concerned, you will continue to do fine and will meet all obligations on time. It will be a mistake to rely on anybody; you will need to work with limited resources only. Once Jupiter moves into seventh, things will start to stabilize in life and you will start to see the end of tunnel. You will find good and resourceful partners for your ventures and receive help from those in high places. Bachelors will also find the right match during Jupiter’s transit in seventh in second half of 2010. You will acquire new vehicle and may buy a real nice property at a cheap price. Number of reliable friends will grow and you will receive blessings of a holy person. You may have some health issues or escape getting hurt badly during July and August. Month of March is favorable for financial matters. You will be offered a deal that may not sound too good to begin with but will prove blessing in disguise later on.

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22): Saturn will transit twelfth house and Jupiter will stay in fifth till May third. Rahu will transit third house in 2010. Changes in career are certain. There will be major diversification. Some of you will try your hands in total different fields and will be successful. You will largely gain from overseas and number of trips to distant lands will increase too. You will have absolutely no difficulty in raising money for your projects. You will be full of energy and will not hesitate to take any risks in career. July and August will be very expensive and other wise also you need to be very careful with money during these two months. Increased activities will be tiring, so do not forget to take good care of your health and rest when you have the chance. Since Saturn is transiting house of losses, only mistakes made in the past will try to catch up on you and you will feel helpless and be unable to defend your self properly. Jupiter will give you some concerns about a child in first half but later everything will get resolved. You will invest or spend lots of money towards a property also. Do not go for an old property if you are in market to buy one. People in jobs may be offered a lucrative assignment away from home. It will be beneficial to accept it. You will become more religious and off and on participate in religious activities. You will gain moral victory over your opponents. Time after May 3rd is very favorable when Jupiter and Saturn will be in mutual aspect. Performing Maha Mritunjaya Jaap will reduce the intensity of Saturn.

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 22): Saturn will transit house of gains with Jupiter in fourth till May 3rd before moving into trine for remainder of 2010. Rahu will transit house of family and finance. Your financial commitments are already on increase. Rahu will make a hole in your pockets and you may have to use your reserves till May 3rd. Once Jupiter moves into fifth, you will be on path of complete recovery. Investments made in early part of 2010 will start turning profitable and otherwise also many other doors to supplement income will open up. There will be expansions in career as well as family. You may decide to expand the existing business and open another office or do some remodeling. Saturn on the other hand will increase your assets and may get you some money out of a property or land deal also. If were involved in any legal battle, it should be decided in your favor with large financial gains. If some one will try to engage you in litigation, they will not succeed. You will make new and more useful friends this year. Jupiter will help you meet all commitments on time and will always give you slight more than your needs and not too much more. Chances of another addition in the family are strong this year. You may find a very suitable match for marriageable child also. Expect slow and gradual prosperity after May this year. You will continue to receive guidance and blessings from a holy or fatherly figure. Planets will give you the opportunity to learn and work with experts, refining you in the process.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 to December 22): Jupiter will transit third till May 3rd and then fourth house for remainder of 2010. Rahu will be in first and mars will be strong after May 26th. Saturn will continue is transit in tenth. Money wise it will be a better year by all means. You will start year with a positive trend and will be able to save a lot by the year end. You will be going on many trips in connection with business or job. Chance of moving to a better and bigger place becomes strong after May 3rd. Many good things will happen in second half. Your talents will be recognized and you may receive some kind of award also this year. Developments will improve your image and self confidence. Your concerns about a child will also come to an end after May 26th when Mars ruler of fifth moves into house of luck. Rahu will bring some change in personality. You will become tough and take all decisions with confidence and remove few ungrateful people from your mailing list. If you initiate any legal procedure to claim what belongs to you, Saturn in tenth will help you get justice from court. You may get some money in lump sum. There is a strong indication that in 2010 you will associate yourself with some charity also. If are looking for an addition in the family, your wishes will be fulfilled in second half of 2010. Time after February is right to launch your projects and seek favors from people with money and power. You will benefit from some one who looks lot younger than real age and acts childish all the times. It should be a rewarding year for most of you.

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19): Saturn will transit house of luck and Jupiter will stay in house of finances till May 3rd. Rahu will transit twelfth house in 2010. Things will start picking up and moving in positive directions but at a slow and steady speed. You will come out of fear and forget past bad experiences and move on with life. Health, self confidence will improve. Many new doors will open this year and offers you will come across will be better than expectations. You will see lots of money in your bank before the year ends. Victory in law suit will not only improve image but will be financially rewarding too. Jupiter in second will give you more than enough and make you spend on family and many good reasons. Money could go on a marriage or higher education of a child. Rahu in twelfth will make you very ambitious and more successful you will be the more you would want and at some point may become unstoppable. So consider the sky as the limit, you have the chance to make it big in 2010. You will make a special trip overseas to attend an important event in the family. You will become more religious and may start supporting a holy person financially on regular basis. You will see and save a lot of money once Jupiter moves out on may 3rd. You will try to patch up and make peace with a close family member. You will be paying a lot of attention to spouse in first half as transit of Mars in seventh can give some health issue to spouse. March will be a turning point in career. You will change your vehicles and acquire a property in 2010.

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18): Saturn will transit eighth house, a negative place and Jupiter will transit first before moving into house of finances for remainder of 2010. Ashtam Shani is never considered good. Seems that good deeds performed in the past and blessings of a fatherly figure will come to your rescue and you will definitely survive couple of ugly situations in first half of 2010. Do not put all eggs in one basket and do not risk all you got. Professionally it will be a better year for people involved in research, development work. It will be a rewarding year for people working in emergency rooms or hospitals and Insurance industry. Jupiter in first will provide the divine protection but you have to have faith in people you seek help from. Prosperity will be slow but steady and such Jupiter will make you far sighted, so you will be aiming for long term gains rather than short term. Jupiter’s transit in second after May 3rd will open many new doors and you could be rolling into big money there after. You will decide to ignore a lucrative but risky offer in July and opt for sure thing. There is some easy money coming towards the end of 2010. It could be part of a settlement from a law suit or a gift from parents or in laws. People in banking or connected with finances should see a windfall in second half of 2010. Children will do better and spouse could be looking to start a business. You will benefit from some one who has honey colored eyes or going bald. Performing Maha Mritunjaya jaap will reduce the problems and help in progress.

PISCES (February 19 to March 20): Jupiter will transit twelfth till May 3rd and first thereafter. Saturn will stay in seventh. Mars will stay in fifth till May 26th before moving into sixth. Things will keep working out in your favor in a mysterious way. There will be changes in career for sure. News will come sudden but you will keep escaping the worst. Those working part time or were without a job will start in a wonderful environment. You will take many long distance trips in connection with business or to sign an important contract. You will benefit from people living overseas I 2010. Mars in fifth will continue to keep your bank balance in positive territory. Financial juggling and change in strategy will bring expenses under controls and will help in long terms too. Saturn in seventh will make things slight tough for spouse, who will not only work harder but may have to deal with some health issues also at the same time. Pain and aches in body. Bachelors will have slightly hard time in maintaining a relationship started last year. You will overcome many professional and financial difficulties in June and August. Competition and number of enemies will reduce drastically in the same period. It is going to be a better year for people in business and teaching profession. Once Jupiter enters the first house in May, confidence level will be high. You will earn name and fame in professional circle. You will benefit from some one with political background. All health issues can come under control with change in diet and little exercise.

Bay Area-based astrologer Pandit Parashar can be reached at: pandit.parashar@gmail.com.


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