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Tense Gangster Film: Drohi

Cast: Sami, Karuna, Poorna, Srikanth, Poonam and Pooja
Music: Selva Ganesh
Director: Sudha

This debut film from a woman director spells guts and fury and hits you as a surprise package. Generally woman directors have been known to choose softer themes like love, marriage, social themes etc, but Sudha’s film talks about friendship in a gangster set up and goes all out with no holds barred, keeping you glued to the seat till the last shot.

In brief the story is about two boys raised in Royapuram. Karuna (Vishnu) is the hero of the Brahmin boy Sami (Sami) and the pals do everything together. Their love for each other gets a jolt when Sami plans a vendetta killing for the 10-year-old Karuna, landing him in police custody. When Sami can’t take the heat and reveals who killed the person that murdered their teacher, the friendship between them takes a heavy blow. Karuna refuses all appeals of conciliation from his young friend.

Years later the two grow up but their enmity is legendary in the area. When Karuna joins the police and Sami remains a gangster, troubles build up as they get even more involved in taking revenge upon each other. Can their friendship transcend their hatred? Only the climax scenes reveal all in a film of neatly packaged twists and turns.

The director has extracted excellent performances from her cast and given both heroes a new dimension. Srikanth loses his boyish charm and turns tough gangster minus the moustache while Vishnu who played soft spoken Marimuthu in his debut film, turns beefed up hunk and Royapuram local boy who is all brawn.

Poorna is shown in a no makeup in a very different role while Poonam and Pooja all give adequate performances.

The realism of the locales and the dialogues give the film an added flavor. Though there is violence, thankfully the decibels are kept low unlike other films of our times. The music is a plus and the kuthu song is well done.

For a gangster flick, the director manages to deliver high tension levels.

The friends-or-enemies theme has been well handled.

The dialogues take up too much time occasionally. Sometimes the actors are too wooden. The heroines go missing after a while and don’t reappear at all and one wonders why. The screenplay lags in certain places.

[Chennai Online]


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